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Md Akram

Hey! everyone, my name is Akram Hussain, a tour guide and escort licensed by govt of India. I m also a gold medalist in tourism study from “IGNOU” speak four languages Hindi, Urdu, English, Spanish. When working in the BPO sector, I realized that I could not work on the same chair with the same computer every day because I always wanted something new. I love traveling & meeting different people. Then a new phase of my life started. 

I was born in Old Agra where you can easily find old houses, some haveli style houses, old-style balconies, narrow streets and a lot of fun. The exciting thing was I always used to see the Taj mahal from my rooftop but never visited. After graduation, I came to Delhi and started working in BPO. After a few years, I started getting bored and thought this was not what I wanted, but I had to make a wise decision. After consulting with myself, I decided to pursue tourism. I started with ignou a central university where I completed my one-year diploma course. I never thought I could be a topper. Winning a gold medal was the turning point in my academic life; it gave me a lot of confidence. Learning a foreign language is very important in the tourism industry, and I learned Spanish from the Spanish embassy.

When I started learning, my motive was to have fun and live life. Still, as soon as I began to study Indian history, its architecture, and its tremendous diversity, I started immersing myself in it. The greatness of this beautiful country is attracting me more and more. I had never thought how intelligent Indian artists made all these beautiful monuments we visit today. The change I realized after learning every destination has its saga & style. Now I go to any monument they are not just stone and garden there is the story behind it each wall & design has its purpose. Every city has a story; every state has something unique.

After spending a few years, I decided to make this blog only for you. I love sharing stories of dynasties, Kings, Monuments, cities, and finally, our great country. In my blog, you will find deep knowledge of our culture also.

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