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Top Trending Famous Places To Visit In Agra


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City of love, Agra, is the former capital of Hindustan during the Mughal empire. It is on the bank of river Yamuna. Perhaps it is also the most interesting city to visit in Uttar Pradesh. If someone asks, where is the best monument in the World? Agra stands tallest among all the cities in World. Undoubtedly, there are many historical places to visit in Agra. Apart from monuments and Mughal history, the city has its cultural value. For example, Rich food, Glittering bazaars, local festivals, (khadi bold) language are the reasons, which make it a perfect destination. The amalgamation (mixture) of the old and new city is worth visiting.

According to history, the city found its place in Mahabharata, and the name was Agravan (forest). Later in the 15th century, Sultan Sikandar Lodhi rebuilt the city and started ruling here. If we talk about the present city then, Emperor Akbar built a huge fort here and chose Agra, the capital of the Mughal empire, till Emperor Shahjahan built New Capital in Delhi. The legacy also continued during British rule. Finally, after independence, it became the destination of love.

POPULATION: 4.4 Million




Taj Mahal one of the best place to visit in Agra

Taj Mahal needs no introduction. This beautiful white monument is the center of love. Whoever believes in love has a strong intention to visit Tajmahal. It is on the bank of river Yamuna. No word can justify the beauty of the Taj Mahal; it shines in the sunlight and glitters in the moonlight. Yamuna flows and dances as the reflection of the Taj is always on the water. Huge green gardens and blue water canals enhance the beauty.

SHAHJAHAN AND MUMTAZ : Prince Khuram and Anjumad Bano Begum met at meena bazar of Agra fort in 1607. Later they fell in love and finally got married in 1612. Their love was so deep, and where ever he went, he accompanied her also. Sadly, in 1631 she died and left him devastated.

To give tribute to her, Shahjahan built a symbol of love Taj Mahal. Surprisingly, from 1631 to 1653, around 22000 workers completed it. Interestingly, You will lose your mind once you see how they carved every stone with love, and they pasted precious and semi-precious stones on walls. Taj Mahal is the best among all places to visit in Agra.

ENTRANCES: There are three entrances East, West, and South. If I talk about architecture and plan, every entrance is the same, and you will reach the same garden courtyard from any entrance. Usually, big monuments always make three entrances for public convenience. 

ROYAL GATE: After entering from any entrance ( East, West, South ), you will see this huge red and white gate. It is the main entrance of the Taj Mahal. The beauty of this gate is carved stone, Quranic verses, precious and semi-precious stones. 

GARDEN AND CANAL: Mughal Empire always used four garden plans to build mausoleums. There is a description of paradise in the Quran, and for example, Four gardens and four rivers are mentioned in the description. Interestingly, they used the same concept of four gardens and four rivers to build the Taj Mahal. If you see an aerial view, water canals in plus (+) shape divide the garden into four pieces.

WHITE PLATFORM IN THE CENTER OF GARDEN: You will see this high white marble platform in the center of the gardens. There is also a water tank with fountains. Interestingly, there are chairs to click pictures, and I also think it is the best place to take pictures. 

MAIN MONUMENT: The main attraction of the Taj Mahal is the gigantic white structure. Interestingly, you can find a Friday mosque on the left; there is also a Guesthouse (Nakkar Khana) on the right. Let us talk about the white monument. Undoubtedly, we can divide it into three parts: a Platform with minarets at every corner. Second, Central octagonal hall, and third is Dome on the top.

Platform and minarets: The huge platform of white marble is the base structure of the white monument. Interestingly, the height of the platform from the garden side is 23 feet. On the other hand, the river bank’s red and white platforms are 50 meters high. The size is 95 sq meters. Moreover, four minarets are increasing the beauty. The height of each one is 46 meters.

Central hall: You will find a huge octagonal structure in the center. There are many arches on this main tomb. Interestingly, The four big arches have calligraphy and inlay art, and they used motifs and inlay art to make it more beautiful.

Dome: There is no doubt the main feature of any Islamic architecture is the Dome. Surprisingly, The Dome of the Taj Mahal is onion-shaped, and on the top, there is a finial. Moreover, the height of the Dome is 213 feet, and its weight is 12000 tons.

INSIDE: Taj Mahal becomes more beautiful when you enter the main hall, and the inlay art with motifs is remarkable. Moreover, beautiful jali work surrounds the main tombs of both king and Queen. 

MOSQUE AND GUEST HOUSE: In every Mughal tomb, you will find Mosque. In the Taj Mahal on the left, there is a beautiful Friday mosque. Interestingly, they used a red sandstone with white marble. Apart from this inside, there are tremendous works of paintings. Moreover, to give it a symmetrical look, they built the same structure on the right of the tomb, which they used as a guest house. 





Red fort historic places to visit in Agra

INTRODUCTION: Agra fort is also on the bank of river Yamuna. Undoubtedly, it is among the most important forts of Indian History. Almost all Mughal rulers in their golden age ruled from here. Interestingly, this huge bastion is a world heritage site, and people worldwide come here. 

Emperor Akbar started building this fort in 1565. He hired Qasim khan to build it; they worked for eight years to complete it. Interestingly, there were 8000 workers to participate in building it. Moreover, after Akbar, many emperors built other things inside it. For example, Emperor Shahjahan converted many places into white marble. 

ENTRANCE: Amar Singh gate is the entrance inside the fort for the public. When you exit, you also use the same gate to go out. Interestingly, they called it Akbari gate, but Emperor Shahjahan renamed it Amar Singh gate. Amar Singh of Jodhpur killed Salabt khan in front of Shahjahan. Later, Amar Singh was executed.

After all Emperor was very fond of his bravery, so he renamed the gate after him. Moreover, for defense, there is a huge water moat. It does not mean they built only one gate. Delhi gate is also there, which is bigger than Amar Singh gate. 

JAHANGIR PALACE: This beautiful red and white palace is inside the agra fort. Prince Salim was staying here; later, he became Emperor Jahangir. Interestingly, the facade is very beautiful; they used red sandstone, white marble, and yellow stone.

Moreover, there are palaces inside the palace, one is winter, and the other is summer palace. The main attraction is Rajput-style arches, and there are others rooms also white gold paintings. Interestingly, there is an open courtyard; you can watch the Taj Mahal from there.

SHAHJAHAN MAHAL: The palace of Emperor Shahjahan is the most beautiful among any other Emperor’s palaces. There is an open courtyard with a fountain and a big white marble hall. Interestingly, they used beautiful gold paintings to beautify it, and there are also gorgeous windows. Apart from this, there are two adjoining rooms of Roshanara and Jahanara Begum on the left and right. Both were daughters of the Emperor.

MUSAM MAM BURJ: Undoubtedly, it is the most beautiful buildings inside Agra fort in terms of art and decoration. Emperor Shahjahan built it in 1631-1640. Surprisingly, there are three floors and on the top is a Burj and bottom is a hall. Sadly, Shahjahan died here while watching the Taj Mahal. Moreover, the beauty is inlay art on every pillar, floor, and wall. Beautiful jalis are enhancing the beauty of the hall. If we talk about artwork, this palace is among the best places to visit in Agra.

DEWAN E AAM: Emperor Shahjahan built this huge hall for resolving public issues in 1631-1640. Every morning they followed the practice of resolving issues. Importantly, the throne room’s main feature and they built it with white marble with inlay art. The famous peacock throne was here. Moreover, the size of the public audience is 201X67 meters.

DEWAN E KHAS: Emperor Shahjahan built this huge hall for private meetings in 1635. In medieval periods almost all Kings in India built the same structures (Public and Private audiences). Interestingly, it has two halls; one is open, and the other is covered. They used white marble with inlay art to decorate it. 

ANGOORI BAGH: This gorgeous green grapes garden is outside Khas Mahal (Shahjahan palace). There are four parts, and in the center, there is a white platform with a fountain. Shahi Haram (ladies quarter), where mothers, sisters, and daughters lived, is also here.  




ITMAD UD DAULA (MIRZA GHIYAS BEG) was father of Nur Jahan. As we know, she was the queen of Emperor Jahangir. Mirza Ghiyas Beg was so intelligent and a wise man. Jahangir was so impressed with him. As a result, he gave him the Wazir post. Mirza beg died in 1622.

After the death of her beloved father, Nur Jahan built this tomb for him. People call it by different names, for example, Baby Taj, Jewel box, Mini Taj, etc. Some people say it was the inspiration of Emperor Shahjahan to build the Taj Mahal. One thing is very clear here; it was the first big white marble building of Mughal in Agra.

Empress Nur jahan was from Persia. The mausoleum has Persian influence on its architecture. If we talk about the facts, it is four garden tomb with water canals between every garden. It has three entrances as usual. Artists used red sandstone and white marble here, but the Pietra dura work on white marble is impressive. Pietra’s work is when they carved marble and pasted precious and semi-precious stones on it. You should visit it because it is among the best Agra tourist places.

Interestingly, there is Rajput style dome on the top, and it shows artists followed Indian and Rajput art also. Importantly, the windows work of Baby Taj is the most beautiful thing to watch, along with Pietra dura’s work.




Best places to visit in Agra for sunset view of Taj Mahal

Mehtab bagh means Moonlight garden, and it is on the opposite side of Yamuna and in front of the Taj Mahal. Babur was from Samarkand, where gardens of pleasure were common. When he came to India, he realized there were no such gardens. As a result, he decided to build lots of pleasure gardens.
Interestingly, every garden was near the river. There were water canals well connected with the river. Babur built Mehtab bagh in 1530.

Mughal empire strictly followed four gardens plan (char bagh) to build any monument. Artists built Mehtab bagh also using the Charbagh plan. Interestingly, the shape of the garden is square (300X300) meters. There are many plants and water canals with fountains.

According to some historians, they redesigned it as a riverfront terrace to watch the Taj Mahal while building Taj. Present-day, this garden is one of the best places to visit in Agra to enjoy the sunset while watching the Taj Mahal in the Evening. You also can enjoy the greenery there.





Jama Masjid of Agra is the principal mosque of the city. Friday is very important for Muslims, and there is a special prayer in the afternoon every Friday. Jahan ara begum built this mosque after getting permission from Emperor Shahjahan, the daughter of Shahjahan and Padshah begum (Chief lady). They started building in 1643 and completed it in 1648. According to history, the cost of building is around five lacs. For Islamic architecture lovers, it is among the best Agra tourist places.

The architecture of the most is Indo Islamic. It has three domes and an open courtyard. Interestingly, they used red stone and white marble to build a mosque. Usually, Big mosque has three entrances from every side; there are also many bazaars to buy local items. Jahan ara begum moved to Delhi after they shifted the Capital. Her grave is in the complex of Hz Nizam Uddin Aulia.



Emperor Akbar died in 1605 at Agra, and he was the real founder of the Mughal dynasty. Interestingly, Akbar chose this site himself for his tomb, and artists had started building this tomb. Unfortunately, Akbar died. As a result, his son Emperor Jahangir completed this tomb from 1605 to 1613.

Once again, it is a tomb of four gardens and four water canals. Surprisingly, the design and architecture of the Akbar tomb are very different. If you compare it with the Humayun tomb, it is very diffrent. For example, there is no dome. The reason behind this was the secular nature of Akbar and his religious tolerance. He ordered artists to use Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and Islamic architecture. It is among the best places to visit in Agra for art lovers.

The main attraction of the tomb is its enormous gateway, beautified by Pietra dura work and white minarets. The beautiful painting of gold and natural colours inside is worth watching. Apart from this, there are many deer and monkeys. Interestingly, before the Mughals, Sikandar Lodhi established Agra city. You still can see a baradari of Sikandar Lodhi in the garden’s corner. That is why people call it Sikandara. Kanch Mahal is also a small palace outside Sikandra. Emperor Jahangir came here for hunting and stayed kanch mahal.

According to history, after building the Humayun tomb in Delhi, Mughals established themselves in India. They sent a strong message to local Kings across India. The massage was, Mughals were not going anywhere; they would stay in India. Akbar tomb was another message to them. 




Mariyam tomb agra tourist places

Harka Bai was the daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amber and sister of Man Singh I. Emperor Akbar got married to Harka bai, and she became Queen of Hindustan with the title of MARIYUM UZ ZAMANI. Interestingly, She gave birth to Salim, who later became Emperor Jahangir. All these matrimonial alliances are indications of sweet relation between Mughal and Rajput. Harka Bai died in 1623 after 18 years of Akbar’s death.

Jahangir loved his mother a lot. After her death, he built this massive tomb for her. Interestingly, he chose a site in front of Akbar’s tomb. Initially, there was baradari of Lodhi’s era; later, they added four facades and rebuilt it as the tomb. These four garden tomb is magnificent; they used red sandstone and yellow stone. The central grave is enclosed with jalis. It is among the best Agra tourist places to enjoy Rajput and Mughal history.




Chini ka rauza best unexplored places to visit in Agra

Chini ka Roza is another beautiful tomb located in Agra. Mulla Shukrulla Shirazi (Afzal Khan) held the Wazir post during Shahjahan’s rule, and he was a Persian poet during Jahangir’s era. Later Shahjahan gave him a wazir post. Wazir was the Prime minister of the Mughal empire, and his work was to assist Emperor.

Interestingly, He built this tomb for himself in 1635, as he had a strong desire. He beautified it with glazed tiles (Chini) of multi-colours. The intention was to build it very beautiful so that people could remember him. Afzal khan died in 1639 in Lahore. From an architectural point of view, it is square, and the central hall inside is octagonal.

Moreover, it has four big arches and one central dome. It was usual for Emperors and such people to build their tombs in those days. It is among the best places to visit in Agra to witness Persian-style tiles.


TIMINGS: 7:00 TO 5:00


aram bagh relaxing tourist places of Agra

Aram Bagh or Ram Bagh is the first Mughal garden of India. It is near Itmad ud daula; the dynasty’s founder, Emperor Babur, built it in 1528. Aram means rest; the Mughal family came here for rest. Initially, they called it Bagh e Afsha during Babur’s rule. Later, Emperor Jahangir named it Bagh e Nur Afsha. As we already know, Mughal always followed paradise plan to build gardens, and Aram bagh was the first of its kind (paradise plan).

Babur was always very fond of gardens with canals. He wrote in his biography that he did not like the heat of India. As a result, he ordered to build these gardens to relax. Aram Bagh is on the bank of river Yamuna, and its water canals were well connected with the river. These plus Shape (+) waters channels separate the garden into four parts. It is among the best place to visit in Agra for Mughal garden lovers.

Interestingly, Empress Nur Jahan used to stay here, and he designed many buildings here, which are still present.




This beautiful colonial monument is near Bhagwan talkies Agra. The whole world knows that Emperor Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal for his wife. On the other hand, Red Taj has a different story; a wife made it for her husband.

John Hessing was a Dutch traveller. He was born in the Netherlands in the year 1739. Interestingly, he joined the Maratha army; in those days, Marathas ruled here. John was so intelligent and a skilled man. As a result, Maratha gave him the Agra fort to govern in 1799. Unfortunately, the British army attacked Agra, and he died while defending the fort in 1803.

Moreover, His wife and children decided to build a memorial for him. Surprisingly, they were very fond of the beauty of the Taj Mahal; finally, they made a replica of the Taj using red sandstone. From an architectural point of view, there is a platform, and the main tomb has one dome. In the central hall, you can find the grave. The complex is now a Christian cemetery. Undoubtedly, it is among the best hidden Agra tourist places.


Places to visit in Agra

Gurudwara is a Sikh place of worship. Guru Nanak Sahib was born in Punjab and found Sikhism in the 15th-16th century; Sikh people follow the teaching of ten gurus. Interestingly, the story and the importance of this Gurudwara is related to the 9th guru Shri Teg Bahadur Sahib.

It is near Sikandra ( Akbar Tomb). Emperor Jahangir built a water reservoir here to collect rainwater. They used a red stone with glazed tiles to beautify it. Notably, Mughal Forces arrested Shri Teg Bahadur (9th Guru) here, and later they took him to Delhi, where he got martyred. The present structure is a result of complete renovation. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to visit in Agra for Sikh followers.


Places to visit in Agra

The temple is related to Radhaswami’s faith. Shiv Dayal Singh, a saint, found the spiritual organization in 1861 at Agra. Later, 5th leader Shree Anand Swarup of this organization found Dayal bagh as an Ashram of followers.

Interestingly, The followers are vegan and believe in charity work. Radha swami’s followers have been building this white marble temple for more than 100 years, near the Red Taj Mahal. It is one of the best Agra tourist places for Radha Swami followers.


places to visit in agra for shopping

KINARI BAZAR: If you want to buy something traditional, you must visit Kinari Bazar. It is located in between of Jama masjid and Akbari masjid. Interestingly, you also can see beautiful old houses there, and this market is old and has its value. 

SUBHASH BAZAR: This Bazar is near Jama masjid, you can buy here saree and suits. There are many shops there. Subhash Bazar is near Kinari Bazar.

FATEHABAD ROAD BAZAR: It is near the Taj Mahal. If I talk about local art and product of Agra, they are white marble with pietra dura work and shoes. Undoubtedly, this market is heaven for marble products.

SADAR BAZAR: This is a modern Bazar, where you can enjoy your evening with delicious fast food. It is near Eklavya stadium. 

Now you know all about the best places to visit in Agra and shopping centres.


FATEHPUR SIKRI: This historic city is 40 km from Agra, and Emperor Akbar built his new capital here. This beautiful red stone is a world heritage site. 

BHARATPUR: This city is around 45 km from Agra. There are many places to visit; for example, you can enjoy the Deeg fort and Loha Garh fort here.  

KEOLADEO NATIONAL PARK:  The first natural world heritage site of India. If you love watching birds, it is the best place for you. It is so big and has many migratory birds. It takes one hour drive from Agra, and you must visit in the early morning or evening after 4:00.

MATHURA: Ancient and holy city is 50 km far away from Agra. Interestingly, it is the birthplace of Shree Krishna. You can visit beautiful temples here, and Petha is sweet, very famous here. 


Agra is a significant destination in India. There is a domestic airport, and there are flights from major cities of India. The city is 300 km from the State Capital Lucknow and 200 km from National Capital Delhi. Moreover, If I talk about railways, you can book your train from any station. There are two Expressways also to connect with Lucknow and Delhi.

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