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Places to Visit in Eluru


In this blog we’ll talk about Places to Visit in Eluru, Welcome to Eluru, a breathtaking blend of captivating landscapes, ancient heritage, and vibrant culture. Situated in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, this picturesque city is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. From magnificent temples to serene nature spots, Eluru offers a unique experience for every traveler.

Eluru’s Historical LandmarksEluru's Historical Landmarks

Step into the pages of history as you visit the iconic Thousand Pillar Temple, a marvel of ancient architecture. This temple, built during the Vijayanagara Empire, is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Surya. The intricately carved pillars and stunning sculptures will leave you in awe of the craftsmanship of the bygone era.

As you wander through the temple complex, you can feel the spiritual energy that surrounds the place. Another historical landmark that shouldn’t be missed is the Eluru Fort. Built in the 17th century by the Qutub Shahi dynasty, this fort stands as a testament to the city’s rich history.

Explore the fort’s ruins, climb to the top of the watchtower, and soak in panoramic views of the city. The fort also houses a museum where you can learn more about Eluru’s past.

For a glimpse into the British era, visit the Eluru Canal, an engineering marvel. This canal, built in the 19th century, served as an irrigation system and played a crucial role in the city’s development. Take a leisurely boat ride along the canal, surrounded by lush greenery and serene waters. It’s the perfect way to unwind and appreciate the tranquil surroundings.

Natural Attractions in Eluru

Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by the Kolleru Bird Sanctuary, located just a short distance from Eluru. Spread over an area of 673 square kilometers, this sanctuary is home to a diverse range of migratory birds.

During the winter season, thousands of birds flock to Kolleru, creating a spectacular sight. Take a boat ride through the tranquil waters and witness the beauty of these winged creatures in their natural habitat.

Another natural wonder in Eluru is the Denduluru Mangrove Forest. This unique ecosystem is known for its dense mangrove vegetation and is a haven for various species of birds, reptiles, and marine life. Explore the forest on foot or take a boat ride to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

If you’re looking for a peaceful escape, head to the Eluru Reservoir. Surrounded by lush greenery, this man-made lake offers a serene environment for picnicking, boating, and fishing. Spend a leisurely day by the reservoir, soaking in the tranquility and enjoying the company of nature.

Cultural and Religious Sites in EluruSri Venkateswara Swami temple

Places to Visit in Eluru is steeped in cultural and religious heritage, with numerous temples and shrines scattered throughout the city. One of the most prominent temples is the Dwaraka Tirumala Temple, dedicated to Lord Venkateswara.

This temple, also known as “Chinna Tirupati,” attracts devotees from far and wide. The serene atmosphere and beautiful architecture make it a must-visit for spiritual seekers.

For a unique cultural experience, visit the Pattiseema Rama Temple. This temple is famous for its exquisite carvings and intricate sculptures, depicting scenes from the Ramayana. The annual Rama Navami festival, celebrated with great fervor, is a sight to behold.

Local Cuisine in EluruLocal Cuisine in Eluru

Places to Visit in Eluru is incomplete without indulging in the local cuisine. Known for its spicy coastal delicacies, the city offers a mouthwatering culinary experience. Don’t miss the famous Eluru Kaja, a sweet delicacy made from wheat flour, sugar, and ghee.

The spicy and flavorful Andhra meals, with dishes like pulihora, pappu, and gongura pachadi, are a treat for the taste buds. Explore the local eateries and savor the authentic flavors of Eluru.

Shopping Destinations in EluruShopping Destinations in Eluru

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, Eluru has a few shopping destinations to explore. The Eluru Central Mall is a popular choice, offering a wide range of clothing, accessories, and household items.

The local markets, such as the Eluru Vegetable Market and the Eluru Cloth Market, are bustling with activity and offer a glimpse into the vibrant local life. From traditional handicrafts to modern fashion, you’ll find something to suit every taste.

Festivals and Events in EluruFestivals and Events in Eluru

Eluru is known for its vibrant festivals and cultural events. One of the most popular festivals celebrated here is the Bhimavaram Bull Fight, held during Sankranti. This traditional event showcases the strength and agility of the bulls and attracts a large crowd of spectators. The Eluru Kalyanotsavam is another grand celebration, where the deities from various temples are taken on a colorful procession through the city.

Accommodation Options in Eluru

Eluru offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. From luxury hotels to budget guesthouses, you’ll find a comfortable place to stay during your visit. Some popular choices include the Hotel Grand Arya, Hotel Vatika, and Hotel Saketh Residency. Make sure to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure the best deals.

Transportation in and around Eluru

Getting to Eluru is convenient, with well-connected road and rail networks. The city is located on the National Highway 16, making it easily accessible by road from major cities in Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states. Eluru Railway Station is a major junction, with regular trains connecting to various parts of the country.

Within the city, local buses and auto-rickshaws are the primary modes of transportation. These are affordable and convenient options for getting around Eluru and visiting the different attractions. If you are searching for tour and places for your birthday and honeymoon? Contact us at Trip Spray.


Eluru is a city that offers a perfect blend of history, nature, culture, and gastronomy. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a food enthusiast, Places to Visit in Eluru has something to offer. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage, explore the mesmerizing attractions, and create unforgettable memories in this charming city. Start planning your visit to Eluru today and prepare to be enchanted.

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