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Kavi Kamboi temple or Stambheshwar Mahadev temple is the extraordinary temple of Shiv Ji in the small village of Kavi Kamboi in Jambusha tehsil Bharuch District Gujarat. The location makes this temple even more beautiful; It is on the bay of Cambay and the shore of the Arabian sea.

Undoubtedly, the most important feature of this temple is its disappearance from the ocean tide. Indeed, Jowar and oats are physical phenomena of nature; they happen in each Ocean on this planet. Interestingly, It disappears twice a day and gives devotees a unique experience. One can imagine how beautiful it will be when it submerges in the Ocean.

The history of the Kavi Kamboi temple is about 150 years. People believe that Kartikeya, the son of Shiv Ji and Parvati Ji, killed a demon and established a Shiv-ling here. Noticeably, the temple administration is doing good work in making all arrangements for visitors. The most important thing to consider before visiting is its timing. Importantly, the temple administration uses the Gujarati calendar, and the timings are different each day.


In the Gujarati calendar, there are 12 months, and they divide each month into two parts according to the moon. For Example, if a month has 30 days, the first 15 days start with (Sud), and the last 15 days Start with (Vad). Kindly see the chart below for th etimings of Kavi kamboi temple.

ATTENTION: These timings are from Day 1 to 15 (Sud), timings for day 16 to 30 (Vad) will be same. For example, Day 16 is Ekam and Day 17 is Bij.

Calendar dateVisiting Time in MorningVisiting Time in Evening
Ekam9:15 TO 15:4521:15 TO 03:45
Bij10:30 TO 16:3022:30 TO 04:30
Trij11:15 TO 17:1523:15 TO 05:15
Choth12:00 TO 18:0000:00 TO 06:00
PanchamSunrise TO 7:0013:00 TO 16:00
ChhatSunrise TO 7:4513:15 TO 19:15
SatamSunrise TO 8:0014:30 TO 20:30
AathamSunrise TO 9:4515:15 TO 21:15
NomSunrise TO 10:0016:00 TO 22:00
DashamSunrise TO 10:4516:45 TO 22:45
Ekadashi05:30 TO 11:3017:30 TO 23:30
Barash06:30 TO 12:3018:30 TO 00:30
Terash17:15 TO 13:1519:15 TO 01:15
Chaudash08:00 TO 14:0020:00 TO 02:00
Poonam09:00 TO 15:0021:00 TO 03:00


Deity of kavi kamboi temple

Shiv-ling: In many temples, you can find the shiv-ling, the symbol of Shiv Ji, the most powerful deity in Hinduism. People build his temple to give him honor; there is only Shiv-ling in many temples, and some temples also have his moorti (sculpture). Let us talk about some popular beliefs.

Shiv-ling as a symbol of Shiv Ji: In our ancient language Sanskrit Ling means symbol. According to the holy scriptures of Hinduism, Shiv-Ling reminds devotees that he is an omnipotent lord and formless. Interestingly, Shiv Purana described it as a beginningless and endless cosmic pillar. Apart from this, in Linga Purana, they described it also a cosmic pillar as the infinite nature of Shiv Ji.

Shiv-Linga as the symbol of creation: Noticeably, Shiv-Ling is always represented with the yoni, the symbol of Mata Shakti. It shows the unique power of a male and female, meaning Lingam and yoni, which originates all the lives. According to another belief, the yoni represents (Physical Nature) Prakriti; through Shiv Ling, all the atman go into Prakriti.


kavi kamboi

Kavi Kamboi temple has a very interesting story about the fight between Asur (Demon) and Devas. Importantly, Kartikeya, the son of Shiv Ji, played a very important role in this battle. According to the legend, there was a demon, and people called him Tarakasura; he was a very loyal devotee of Shiv Ji.

Interestingly, Shiv Ji was very pleased with him and gave Taraksura special powers.Unfortunately, he started using this power against common people and devas. He was so powerful that devas could not compete with him. Finally, Kartikeya decided to kill him.

Moreover, he was a devotee of Shiva, so Kartikeya was so upset after killing him and went to Vishnu Ji. The preserver in Hinduism, Vishnu Ji, told Kartikeya to establish a Shiv-ling at the same spot where he killed Taraksura.


The distance between Kavi kamboi temple and Jambhusar Bus stand is about 31 Kms and 33 Kms from the Railway station of Jambhusar. If I talk about Vadodra, it is around 70 km away, and the Airport of Vadodra is 81 Km from the temple. Apart from this, the town of Jambhusar is well connected with the rest of the state.


Vadodara: Baroda is a very beautiful and second-largest city in Gujarat. Indeed, this city has a rich historical background and past; you can visit many places here. For Example, Makarpura Palace, Laxmi Niwas Palace, Khanderao market, museum, temples, and delicious food make your trip memorable. It is around 70 km from Kavi Kamboi temple. 

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