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Siri Sadashiva Rudra temple or Surya temple Ujire is a unique temple of Shiva. The location of the temple is in Dakshin Kannada and near Dharmasthala. The most important reason for the temple’s uniqueness is the clay offered. Many people make Sankalpa or wish while visiting the temple. Importantly, when the deity fulfils the wish. In that case, devotees have to provide the clay of the object that they asked for from the diety. People from different places come here to make a wish.

Moreover, the temple’s architecture is also very traditional, and you can see the tiled roof of the temple. Generally, in the Mangalore region, this style is very famous. The followers offer a clay model, a coconut, and one kilo of rice to the temple priest. After checking the clay, the priest accepts all offerings on behalf of the deity. Interestingly, you can see a Kalyani (koneru) just outside the temple and a mandapa in the centre. In March or April, devotees perform Kare Katta pooja to Shiva in the same mandapa every year.

ENTRANCES: Certianly, it is free.

TIMINGS: 7:30 to 2:00 Morning  and 4:00 to 6:30 Evening 


SHIVA:  Siva is “the Auspicious one” people also call him Mahadeva and the Great God. He is the Supreme Lord in Shaivism ( Tradition within Hinduism), and Shaivites (Followers of Shaivism) believe that he has created the universe; he also protects and transforms it. Interestingly, people also call him “Destroyer” in Trimurti’s concept of Hinduism, along with Brahma as creator and Vishnu as protector. Apart from this, Shiva lives an ascetic life on Mount Kailash and is also a householder. Mata Parvati is his wife and Ganesha, Kartekaya are two sons.

RUDRA:  Indeed, Rudra is a Vedic deity; in Rigveda, they have praised him in a very powerful manner. In addition, there is a hymn in Yajurveda Sri Rudram for praising Rudra; it is very important in Shaivism. In Rigveda, they have associated him with Wind (Vayu). Shiva and Rudra share many qualities, and people believe they are the same and are synonyms for each other.


There is also an interesting story about the foundation of the temple. A long time ago, a woman lived here, and she was chopping the grass; while doing so, something happened. She hit a stone, and blood started coming out from the stone. Obviously, she was very scared and called her son shouting “Surya” from that day; people named this place Surya.

Surya temple Ujire or Siri Sadashiva Rudra temple has a very long and rich history and is also related to a king. You can find an inscription near the Nandeeshwara idol that tells us that they built it in the 13th century. Interestingly, the Banga kings governed this area, and they helped to build the temple.

Moreover, people also believe that many years ago, a disciple of Shree Bhrigu Maharishi performed rigorous penance. Interestingly, Shiva and Mata Parvati appeared to him and, pleased with him, they turned into lingam. You can see these two lingams under the green tress at a place called “Manina Harake bana”. Apart from this, devotees put their clay offering here, and it is completely environmentally friendly. When it rains, all the clay dissolve.


caly offering at surya temple ujire

This is the most important and unique feature of the Surya temple Ujire. Devotees always take a Sankalpa or make a wish before visiting this temple. Many people make a wish on their first visit to the temple. Interestingly, when they get what they asked for, then devotees have to offer the same in the form of clay. For Example, if someone desires a house, he or she has to offer a house’s clay model, and if people want to get a child, they have to offer the clay model of the child. Obviously, people offer this clay when their desire is fulfilled.

There are a few potter families who are in charge of the temple committee, and they make all this clay available to all devotees who come from outside. Moreover, all the models of clay are completely environment friendly.


The distance between Surya temple Ujire and Dhramasthala is just 15 km, 6 km from Ujire and 14 Km from Belthangady. The great road network of State connects Ujire with major cities of Karnataka. You can take direct bus from Mangalore, Bangalore, chikmagalur and Dharmasthala. Apart from this, nearest railway station will be Mangalore railway Station. 


Manjunatha Dharmasthala: There is a beautiful group of temples in Manjunatha Dharmasthala, just 15 km from Surya temple Ujire. People also call it temple town; you can visit here shrines of Shiva, Chandranatha, Ammanawaru, Kalarkayi Kanyakumari etc. Interestingly, in this particular place, Jain people run the administration, and Hindu priests perform Pooja.

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