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Blue houses are best Places to visit in Jodhpur

The beautiful blue houses under the shining sun are why they call it Blue and Sun city. Every city in Rajasthan has its saga and culture, but Jodhpur is very different. Interestingly, Jodhpur has a vibrant history, and it is a complete destination for any traveler around the globe. Indeed, there are many places to visit in Jodhpur to give you the best experience. Apart from this, Blue houses make this city so beautiful; its bustling Bazar, food, and magnificent fort are the perfect example of the liveliness of tourism here.

Moreover, Rao Jodha of the Rathore clan of Rajput built Jodhpur in 1459. As we know, in Rajasthan, local kings always preferred hillocks to build a fort. Hence, Rao Jodha chose this site to build his fortress. Notably, Mandore was the capital of Marwar before Jodhpur. The Marwar region flourished during the Mughals, later under British rule. Finally, during independence, it merged with the Union of India.

POPULATION : 1.4 Million

FOOD : Jodhpuri Kachori and Tea

FAMOUS PRODUCT : Spices and Textile


Mehrangarh among top Places to Visit in Jodhpur

Mehrangarh fort is undoubtedly a great example of Indian architecture. Rao Jodha built it on the top of a rocky hill, and the height of the Fort is eye-catching. You can not imagine Jodhpur without Mehrangarh. Surprisingly, the Royal family of Jodhpur was able to retain this bastion from the Union of India when the government was acquiring palaces from all kings.

Apart from this, Magnificent palaces inside, Huge gateways, beautiful views from the top of the Fort make it so popular among tourists. There are many small palaces to visit inside this Fort; let us talk about them in detail.

1. Coronation courtyard: They celebrated the new King’s coronation during those days. There is a white marble chair for the new King. Interestingly, the new King used to sit on this chair during the ceremony. Moreover, there are windows also, from them ladies used to watch the ceremony.

2. Elephants haudas and Palki: In earlier days, the royal family used elephants for transport. Hence, these haudas were seated on the top of elephants. Apart from this, queens used palki for travel, and you can see both( Hauda and Palki) in Fort.

3. Daulat khana: It was a treasury house before. Now you can see the antiques of Jodhpur here. For example, Local arts of clothes, some local swords. Surprisingly, the Mughal empire gifted some swords to Jodhpur, and you can see those gifts.

4. Rooftop of Mehrangarh: You will come here first if you use Lift to reach the top. If you are not using the Lift, you will see the coronation chair first. Undoubtedly, it is among the best places to visit in Jodhpur, and you can watch the entire City from here. Indeed, no words can describe the scene when you reach there. It is near daulat khana.

5. Paintings Hall: Jodhpur is very famous for its paintings. In this hall, you can see different types of pictures. Importantly, they used natural colors to make paintings. Hence, they displayed all-natural colors here.

6. Sheesh Mahal: Almost every Palace there is sheesh mahal. It depends on King’s interest. In Mehrangarh fort, Sheesh Mahal is fascinating and beautiful. Surprisingly, they used only one candle to light up the whole mahal. Moreover, in this section, you can see fabric art also.

7. Armory room: In this section, you can see the arms of Jodhpur state. During the King’s days, Marwar had a sizable army, and, Interestingly, they used unique weapons. In the collection of arms, there are swords, spears, etc.

8. Holi chowk and Marwar throne room: Holi chowk is the big courtyard. The royal family used to play holi here. I like windows here; the artwork of stone is remarkable. Additionally, there is a meeting room to see the Marwar throne.

9. Gold roof Painting Mahal: Mehrangarh fort was the royal residence of the Marwar kingdom. Many kings contributed their part to the construction of Fort. This particular Palace has gold paintings on the roof. Imagine! Those days how the artist used their mastery.

10. Oldest part: This is the first foundational palace of Mehrangarh fort. Rao Jodha, the founder of City, built this part in 1459. Red sandstone with carving is worth watching. After Finishing, you can see a museum there.


TIMINGS : 9:00 to 5:00 EVERYDAY


Jodhpur tourist places for royal family cremation's history

In Jodhpur, near Mehrangarh fort, there is a beautiful cenotaph. Jaswant Thada is unique in terms of architecture. Usually, Local Kings always used local red stone to build palaces. Surprisingly, Here they used white marble to create Jaswant Thada. To remember Maharaja Jaswant Singh II his son Maharaja Sardar Singh of Marwar built this cenotaph in 1899 as a memorial.

As we already know, there is no concept of the tomb in Hinduism, and they started building cenotaphs to remember the great rulers of the dynasty. Interestingly, there is a small lake near Jaswant Thada and small mountains. All this natural beauty makes it the perfect destination for visitors.

Moreover, Till Today Royal family still uses this for cremation. You can see many newly built cenotaphs there. For the Marwar history lovers, it is one of the best educational and historical places to visit in Jodhpur.




Brahmpuri blue color houses are places to visit in Jaisalmer

Blue houses in Jodhpur are the symbol of this city. All these houses are the main reason for calling Jodhpur a blue city. Interestingly, there are many theories about these beautiful houses. According to locals, they use it for cooling (blue absorb heat). On the other hand, some say the blue color is for ( Shiva ) Hindu god. In reality, they look so amazing when you get there.

All blue houses are behind the Clock tower. If you want to explore these houses, you should go for a walk. As there are narrow streets, you can not take your car there. There is also another way to reach blue houses, from Mehrangarh fort. You can use stairs near fort entrance to go down to the city.

Brahmapuri is a place in the city where you can see many blue houses there. Undoubtedly, it is the best among Jodhpur tourist places to see blue homes. I like to walk in the old town of Jodhpur, and Immersing in the local culture is very important to know the destination.



Clock tower bazar for shopping

Ghanta Ghar is the iconic clock tower in Jodhpur and the best among all Jodhpur tourist places to buy local products. Notably, Every destination has a famous market, and the Clock tower market fulfills the need for tourists. Undoubtedly, this colorful market is so amazing to visit. You can see lots of local people. At night the view of the market is so beautiful, with full of shops.

During 1880-1911 Maharaja Sardar Singh of Marwar built a Clock tower. Surprisingly, it was a British concept to make such a tower, and the Marwar state was under British Empire. Undoubtedly, there was a notable influence of British architecture in India.

In this ghanta ghar market, you can buy famous Jodhpuri tea. I like the tea of Jodhpur along with spices, and I suggest you purchase diffrent types of tea here. Spices of Jodhpur is world-famous, and you can buy any spices from here.


Umaid Bhawan  for luxurious weddings

Rathore King of Jodhpur lives inside Umaid Bhawan Palace. This colossal palace covers almost 26 acres of land. Surprisingly, you can still visit this palace because it has three parts. First is the royal residence; you cannot see this part. Second, they have converted it into a hotel, and the Taj group runs this hotel. Third, a perticular part of this palace is now open for public as a museum. Indeed, You can visit the museum, which is the third part.

There was no work and King decided to give them employment to the construction of this palace. According to history, there was a drought in Jodhpur, and people had no money, no work. As a result, Maharaja Umaid Singh started building this palace to give employment to people.


TIMING : 9:00 TO 5:00 


Rao jodha desert park

Near Mehrangarh fort, you can visit this beautiful rock park. It has an enormous 72 hectares area. Jodhpur is also famous for its ecology. Interestingly, you can witness natural beauty when you see the entire city from the top of the fort. In 2006 they decided to restore the ecology of Jodhpur, and hence they created this park.

Rao Jodha desert rock park is an adjacent rocky hill below Mehrangarh fort. Interestingly, there are numerous plants and birds. If you are a bird watcher and like ecology, then this is one of the most thrilled places to visit in Jodhpur.


Night view Mehranharg Jodhpur tourist places

Jodhpur is full of fun. Indeed there are numerous attractive places to visit in Jodhpur. In my opinion, the local life of the city is worth experiencing. Undoubtedly, In Rajasthan, every town has its value, but the blue city stands tall in terms of culture, food. Apart from this, the reason to travel here is Jodhpur tourist places.

During the partition, Jodhpur was in talks with Pakistani leaders. Surprisingly, it was Iron man Sardar Patel who helped King to make a wise decision. Hence, this beautiful city is now part of India. The ecology of Jodhpur is another big reason for tourism here.

Rathore Clan of Rajput is very famous in Rajasthan history, and their service for the people of Marwar is so good. Interestingly, Rao Bika, the son of Rao Jodha, built Bikaner. Jangladesh or Bikaner is another attractive city of Rajasthan.


Mandore Garden: Rao Jodha transferred the Capital in 1459 from Mandore. Apart from Jodhpur, you can visit this beautiful garden, and it will only take 30 mins to get there. Interestingly, there are temples and cenotaphs of the Jodhpur Royals.

Adventure: Marwar region is very famous for its ecology. There are many Blackbucks and deer. If you want to enjoy a safari there, then contact any hotel. Surprisingly, there is the Bishnoi community, which is very famous for preserving trees and these animals. You can visit their village also.

Osian: This small village is about 70 km from Jodhpur. Interestingly, it was a significant center of commerce during medieval times. There are many Hindu famous temples like Surya temple, Sachiya Mata temple. Apart from Hindu temples, there are beautiful Jain temples also and the Mahavira Jain temple is worth watching.


Air: Jodhpur has an airport, and you can book your direct flights from major cities in India.

Train: A railway network connects the city with all major cities. Undoubtedly, you can book your birth from any station.

By Road: The blue city is around 270 km from Jaisalmer. 300 Km from Jaipur. 250 Km from Udaipur.

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